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Es un placer tenerte en La Casa!! Gracias por tu visita!

Blanca Guerra's Avatar

Wonderful Hotel, my House in Querétaro

Blanca Guerra - Actress
María José's Avatar

Thank you for a wonderful stay, great Hotel Boutique!

María José - Singer
Tiaré Scanda's Avatar

Great hotel! A special place..

Tiaré Scanda - Actress
Mario Iván Martinez's Avatar

Warm and beautiful space

Mario Iván Martinez - Actor
Martha Chapa's Avatar

Colorful, charm and above all .. Good Taste!

Martha Chapa - Artist
Carlos Bracho's Avatar

Amazing place, great my stay. Congratulations

Carlos Bracho - Actor
Alejandro Marcovic's Avatar

Thank you!

Alejandro Marcovic - Musician
Jorge Castañeda's Avatar

Thanks for the attentions, very nice Hotel!

Jorge Castañeda - Writer and Politician
Alejandro Maldonado's Avatar

Beautiful Hotel, I felt at home!

Alejandro Maldonado - Yoga Master
Hector Aguilar Camin's Avatar

Wonderful and beautiful boutique hotel, I loved it!

Hector Aguilar Camin - Writer and journalist
Roman Revuelta's Avatar

Excellent and wonderful place, a delight.

Roman Revuelta - Writer and musician
Manuela Generali's Avatar

Cute and cozy place, Thanks!

Manuela Generali - Plastic artist
Clasissa Malheiro's Avatar

Full of charm, magic and great details! Very cute

Clasissa Malheiro - Actress
Mauricio Nade's Avatar

Thank you for your kindness, Discreet and very elegant!

Mauricio Nade - Musician
Nicolás Alvarado's Avatar

Great space, with a thousand incredible details!

Nicolás Alvarado - Writer and journalist
Sofia Rei's Avatar

A super, cute place, with magic and a lot of charm!

Sofia Rei - Singer
Natasha Korsakova's Avatar

Wonderfull Boutique Hotel, I love it!

Natasha Korsakova - Violinist
Carlos Agustín's Avatar

The Best Boutique Hotel in the City, I feel at home!

Carlos Agustín - Artist
Fernando de Ita's Avatar

Every year I come and enjoy this wonderful space!

Fernando de Ita - Writer
Edgar Chias's Avatar

Excellent Service, Congratulations for this place!

Edgar Chias - Writer
Manuel Alcántara's Avatar

Lovely place, it reminds me of Spain!

Manuel Alcántara - Economist
Abel González Melo's Avatar

Cute and very comfortable! Congratulations

Abel González Melo - Actor
Radon Jenik's Avatar

Wonderfull place!! I love it! It is my Second home in México

Radon Jenik - Economist
Adrián Pierini's Avatar

Excellent Concept, Very good Boutique Hotel

Adrián Pierini - Graphic Designer
Dulce Rivas Godoy's Avatar

Beautiful place, with charm, taste and magnificent service

Dulce Rivas Godoy - Plastic Artist
Edurne Esponda's Avatar

Cute boutique hotel, highly recommended!

Edurne Esponda - Plastic Artist
Guillermo Hera's Avatar

Really like at home. To the Friends del Naranjo, Thank you!

Guillermo Hera - Writer
Hector Aristo's Avatar

Amazing place, it's magical!

Hector Aristo - Plastic Artist
Claudio Amighett's Avatar

Maraviglioso Albergo!

Claudio Amighett - Violinist
Mauricio  Jiménez's Avatar

Happy and very relaxed in this space, very nice Hotel

Mauricio Jiménez - Writer
Eunice Cortés's Avatar

Thank you Moreh for your attention, I loved your hotel!

Eunice Cortés - Writer
Javier Dault's Avatar

Beautiful scenery of an excellent place!

Javier Dault - Writer
Enid Negrete's Avatar

Magical and charming Hotel !! Congratulations

Enid Negrete - Writer
Knut Pani's Avatar

Cozy place, thanks Friends

Knut Pani - Artist
Amaranta Leyva's Avatar

Magical, with spirit and creativity! I like it

Amaranta Leyva - Actress