Personality and interior design


– In the heart of Querétaro appears this old house that was part of the convent of Santa Clara, decorated with vestiges of the late seventeenth and nineteenth centuries, is a concept that mixes the old with a contemporary touch. Thanks to the exquisite style of its owner María de Jesús Narváez Crespo, here the simple and the luxurious go hand in hand in a perfect fusion.

– The rooms, corridors and patios harmonize, for example, with a Louis XIV style armchair, an eighteenth-century brass snail lamp, wooden showcases, art deco lamps or vintage style bicycles.

In this scenario, art is involved with original paintings by José Luis Cuevas, Knut Pani, Vicente Rojo, Gabriel Macotela and Francisco Castro Leñero, which enriches the visual proposal.

– The details are so careful that the key rings and the plates of the rooms are unique pieces of goldsmithing, designed by Jorge Bautista

– The center point of the building is an orange tree with more than 100 years old, hence the concept that each room has its own decoration, space and the name of a tree.

-For a break there is no such thing as the spa, where the select ritual menu is an experience of relaxation and rejuvenation, like the quoted ritual of love that helps to strengthen the relationship of a couple.

The fabulous touch is its outdoor Jacuzzi.

– In its restaurant it pampers the palate, mainly with its breakfast traditions such as memorable chilaquiles and chipotle eggs- recipes inherited from several generations-, or as delicious dinners on the terrace, accompanied by music from trios, in a romantic atmosphere.