The Origin of the Bachelorette Party


They emerged from a story that talks about a man of German origin who was of humble status, so the father of his beloved forbade the relationship and also refused to deliver the dowry to the bride; after checking that the couple challenged their will.

Because young people in love did not have the means to acquire what was necessary for their future home, the friends of both joined to give them everything they needed.

What at one time emerged as a need to help a couple who did not have the approval and help of parents, has become a party organized by the friends and family of the future wife, in order to lay off the life “without commitments” that until then had.

However, as time has gone by, this custom has had some modifications, for example, before it was only for the bride, now also the groom has his own farewell or even performed for the couple.

Regardless of the way in which the end of single life is celebrated today, the true meaning of these parties is to support couples in this new stage of their lives.