Mystic Spa


Exclusive treatment to balance and purify our Holistic (Mind, Body and Spirit). In our daily life we ​​absorb all kinds of energies, which without perceiving it, accumulate and cause heaviness, fatigue and lack of energy. Suddenly, the unharmonious situations in our life begin to appear more frequently and we get into a stage of confusion, lack of harmony and prosperity. An integral cleansing, helps to eliminate these accumulated and stagnant energies in the body and in the Aura, removing the obstacles that do not allow the passage of positive energy into our life. Live this spiritual experience and flow in balanced harmony.

The experience includes:

  • Energy Measurement with Pendulum
  • Opening of Chakras
  • Pindas Hindus Massage (Duration: 60 minutes)
  • Shamanic Session (Duration: 30 minutes)
  • Price: $ 1,750 without VAT